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Meet Attorney Duane E. Bennett

Increasing community trust is one of the most important objectives of the independent Commission on Police Practices (CPP), created by Measure B. Key to fostering that trust is having the right legal counsel for the new commission.

That is why we are so excited to host a community forum with Attorney Duane E. Bennett, the independent legal counsel for the CPP as well as CLERB, the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board for the county.

The forum will be on Monday, June 13 at 5:30 PM.

About Duane E. Bennett

Mr. Bennett is an experienced civil rights attorney, educator, arbitrator, mediator, and litigator. He was the first African American appointed as City Attorney in the County of San Diego. And also a proud member of the defense team for Rodney King.

For over two decades, he has been actively involved in civil rights, due process and equal protection litigation. Mr. Bennett has served as an attorney and consultant in civil rights actions involving law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. He has also litigated several civil rights actions alleging violations of the Constitution in state and federal courts.

Since 1998, he has conducted numerous internal investigations for governmental agencies including police and fire departments. Duane E. Bennett has also taught law enforcement courses in the states of Arizona, Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. He currently serves as a Legal Instructor for the Division of Extended Studies at U.C. San Diego and formerly served as an Adjunct Professor for California Western School of Law.

Mr. Bennett tirelessly uses his legal and advocacy expertise to address disciplinary issues in government agencies and police misconduct.

Mr. Bennett’s work aligns with our mission of San Diegans reclaiming and owning their political power. His legal guidance will help strengthen the CPP and improve the independence and timeliness of CLERB’s investigative process.


Mr. Bennett’s appointment to serve both of these oversight entities is an exciting step forward in our advocacy efforts for stronger, more independent police oversight in San Diego.


Don’t miss this important conversation and the chance to get to know Mr. Bennett.

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