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Why Cannabis Social Equity?

Here at San Diegans for Justice, we recognize that cannabis is both an economic justice and a social equity problem


Although the recreational use of cannabis is now legal in California, the effects of the war on cannabis and its destructive policies continue to economically and socially devastate those communities most targeted. This devastation negatively affects the whole of San Diego.  


As local governments implement policies regulating the use, sale, and distribution of cannabis in California, we must ensure that the individuals and communities most affected by the war on cannabis are empowered to reap their share of the benefits from the cannabis industry. This empowerment will generate gains throughout San Diego.

San Diego must create social equity programs that provide economic opportunities both in and outside of the cannabis industry for those individuals, families, and communities who were most negatively affected by the war on cannabis.

Working together, we can advocate for social equity programs that repair the harm inflicted on local communities by cannabis prohibition. 


So, What Can I Do?

Join us! By leveraging our collective power, together, we can advocate for social equity programs that will empower local communities and combat the injustices caused by misguided cannabis policies. 
Sign up now to stay informed about the small, easy steps you can take to make a huge impact on cannabis social equity!

We can only make cannabis social equity happen in San Diego if we do it together as a community. 

Want to Learn More?

Check out the following to learn more about cannabis social equity.

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