Cannabis Social Equity

Through a statewide proposition in 2016, California legalized recreational use of cannabis. Since then, local governments have been implementing policies to regulate the use of cannabis in their cities and counties.

Despite cannabis now being legal in California, the historical war on cannabis, which led to the implementation of extremely destructive policies, continues to have devastating effects throughout our communities. And these effects are most keenly felt by people of color and the lesser-privileged.


Entire communities were impacted by the loss of its members to years of incarceration for cannabis use and sales when it was illegal, and now that it is legal, they are being locked out of the industry and the prosperity to be reaped because of laws that serve the monied few.

At San Diegans for Justice, we believe this is an economic justice problem.

San Diego must implement a cannabis social equity program that provides economic opportunities both within and outside of the cannabis industry to those individuals, families, and communities who were most negatively affected by the prohibition of cannabis.

We have an ongoing campaign at the county to ensure San Diegans repair the harm done to our communities through implementing a county cannabis social equity program.


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