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Electoral justice

Learn about and support the
Freedom to Vote Act.

Introduced by a group of Democratic Senators, the Freedom to Vote Act is a comprehensive voting rights package that includes provisions for early voting, mail voting, automatic voter registration, voting rights restoration, partisan gerrymandering bans, finance transparency, election security, and so much more.

This bill is critical for protecting Americans' right to vote, and right now the Senate filibuster is in our way of passing this bill into law.

Learn about the problems with our electoral system.

Citizens of the United States have fought and died for the right to vote, but what does this mean when a fully realized right to vote still doesn’t result in meaningful representation for all communities? Take a look at why our current electoral system upholds the status quo.

Donate to our fund to recruit and support candidates!

We asked you, our partners in justice, to tell us what concerned you most about elections and you told us that most candidates do not represent you or your values. It isn’t difficult to understand why this is the case. Those individuals who are most likely to carry out the will of the people don’t have the support they need to navigate the high barriers to entry into politics. San Diegans for Justice will be working with our communities to recruit and support candidates who represent the will of the people and will not shy away from systemic and structural change.

Nominate a leader to
run for office!

Do you know someone who should run for elected office? There are countless leaders in our communities who are committed to giving back, leading, and making real, tangible change in other people's daily lives.


It is crucial that we transform our community power into political and legislative power. We need a pipeline of leaders that will represent all of us.

Read about Ranked Choice Voting

We believe in electoral reform that gives voters more say in who their elected leaders are and reduces barriers to entry for candidates that have been locked out of our politics. Read this article from FairVote about how Ranked Choice Voting establishes just that. 

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