Ten-Minute Tuesday is here!

Ten-Minute Tuesday is an easy, quick, and effective way to advance justice in San Diego and beyond. 

On the second Tuesday of every month, SDJ will send an email to all Partners in Justice and post on our website a list of suggested actions you can take with just a few clicks of a button. 

The best thing about Ten-Minute Tuesday is that it will take you ten minutes or less to work with other SDJ Partners in Justice to collectively influence the paths our governments take. 

For our first Ten-Minute Tuesday, we have three quick but meaningful action items for you!

(1) Follow @sdforjustice on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

(2) Add “Ten-Minute Tuesday” to your calendar so that you never forget!

(3) Let us know your answer to the following question: Do you think San Diego should give each voter four $25 vouchers to contribute to the campaigns of candidates of their choice?

That was easy, right? 

Thank you for your work on behalf of criminal, electoral, and economic justice!