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Economic justice

Join us for the Inaugural Economic Justice Empowerment Project Event

The Economic Justice Empowerment Project is a series of candid conversations with experts about the wealth gap and nuances of economic policy. We will be hosting panels, workshops, and more to help provide you with the tools for self-empowerment and advocacy for economic justice.

The first event in the series is on April 19 at 5:30 PM.

Our keynote speaker is Coleen Cusack, an attorney and an advocate for unsheltered individuals. She will be shedding light on the criminalization of homelessness and poverty, and how it intersects with our work with economic and criminal justice.

We all know our current economic system is not working for us. Here's why.

Our economic system has historically suffered from one crisis after another. Yet, our politicians refuse to attack the root of this problem. They simply try to clean up the mess after each crisis, failing to prevent the disruptions caused by the crises to individuals, families, businesses, and the community. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can transform the type of capitalism we have, and this video discusses what that improved form of capitalism could look like.

Support Cannabis Social Equity in
San Diego County

Through a statewide proposition in 2016, California legalized recreational use of cannabis. Since then, local governments have been implementing policies to regulate the use of cannabis in their cities and counties.


Community leaders in San Diego are advocating for social equity in cannabis policy to ensure that communities impacted by the War on Drugs do not get left behind by unfair laws and regulations. Contact your County Supervisor and let them know you support cannabis social equity.

Is extreme wealth inequality inevitable?

Many people believe that the extreme concentration of wealth and power in our society is an inevitable result of human nature. That is not the case. The extreme wealth inequality that exists today is a result of a system of laws that work to concentrate wealth into the hands of the few. Watch this video about the way legislation and policy leads to extreme wealth inequality and share with your friends.

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